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The GARN network was founded in response to the need for greater coordination among African research institutions working on natural resource governance and related issues such as climate change. This is reflected in the network’s vision and mission statement:

GARN VISION: To be a leading pan-African research knowledge hub for improved governance of natural resources on the continent.

GARN MISSION: To strengthen research capacity and promote the dissemination of policy-relevant research findings on natural resource governance in Africa by African institutions.

The Governance of Africa’s Resources Research Network (GARN) was launched in January 2010 in Accra, Ghana. Following its establishment, GARN has convened two network meetings in 2011 and 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa and Kampala, Uganda respectively. The network continues to expand and includes members from all regions of sub-Saharan Africa. Numerous commissioned research papers have been published through the network, while GARN’s annual meetings and website provide platforms for knowledge sharing, research collaboration and the promotion of an African voice in the debate on the governance of the continent’s natural resources.